Some advice for your submission:

1. It’s always great to be specific; the more you can tell us the better, but please do keep it concise (e.g. 20 or so lines should be enough).

2. Detail is awesome, but not as important as explaining why your proposal would be interesting to conference attendees.

3. Be Original; we will consider talks that have already been presented elsewhere, but we prefer new talks.

4. No vendor pitches. As much as we value vendors and sponsors, we are not going to accept a talk that appears to be a pitch for your product.

5. Nominations welcome… if you know someone who has content/experience relevant to the DevOps conversation, please point us in their direction!

6. Multiple proposals from the same person are welcome but will most likely not lead to multiple acceptance as that would result in very homogeneous programming.


These are some topic suggestions from our 2020 program:

  • - Microservices, Containerization and Serverless
  • - CI/CD + automation
  • - Public, private, hybrid clouds
  • - IaaS + Configuration Management
  • - Scaling out DevOps
  • - Observability - Tracking, Monitoring, Logging and Alerting
  • - Site Reliability Engineering
  • - Building culture
  • - Health, stress, and burnout
  • - Privacy/data security
  • - Quantifying productivity, failure, and risk metrics
  • - Professional development, teaching, training, and mentorship
  • - DevOps in the enterprise
  • - Future of DevOps

    Good luck!



    Your entry will be evaluated by our Program Committee -the group of the best specialists. We will inform you about the results shortly.

    The short biography, the topic of the presentation, its description and photo will be published on DevOpsDays Kraków website and promotional materials.

    The organizer reserves the right to change the application deadline.