They are a group of pioneers, who spread the knowledge about DevOps in Poland. Every representative of the Committee is an enthusiast who has been working in the IT industry for years. Being keen on and up to date with the DevOps domain, they decided to team up and do something bigger for the local community.

Jakub Barć

SRE with Splunk, trying to get Splunk Monitoring (a.k.a SignalFx) to scale properly. 10+ years of experience with companies like IBM, UBS, Splunk and Facebook. Not a fan of Jenkins

Marcin Cabaj

Head of DevOps at Amsterdam Standard. Over 10 years of experience in making the world a better place. Hmm, all right, not the world but at least the company he works for. He thinks of DevOps as the way to the magical place of operation and development endless happiness and enjoyment. Big fan of simplicity, automation and vim.

Konrad Gądek

Piotr Godowski

Piotr is a seasoned software architect working at IBM, currently focused on Hybrid Clouds management and software licensing in the containerized world. Passionate of IT technologies, including AI, cyber security, BI, IoT and distributed systems. Member of ISO/IEC Polish National Body, owner of several software patents.

Janusz Kamieński

Developer, journalist, pen & paper RPG master and milkoholic. Active participant of dev communities, co-organizer of 4Developers, Atmosphere and DevOpsDays Warsaw conferences. Applies DevOps solutions on tech and business side wherever possible. For a dozen of years in web technologies. Since 2008 python/django + front-end developer. Gains experience and new level-ups in everyday work for, where he gets to mostly on his beloved bike. After hours founder of Raport Obieżyswiata web tv channel about Fantasy & Sci-Fi. Despite load of work still runs pen & paper RPG sessions at least 3 times a week and recently have founded official D&D Adventurers League games in Krakow.

Adam Kozłowski

Adam Kozłowski, Cloud Solution Architect and Technical Team Leader at Grape Up. Before he moved from writing OS native applications to cloud-native solutions, he has worked as a C++ Developer for a few years. Adam is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and a big advocate of Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and cloud-native solutions. Helped big enterprises like Rijkswaterstaat, Porsche or All State Insurance migrate to Kubernetes. Currently, he also takes active part in the Cloudboostr project:

Marcin Lewandowski

Marcin is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Lab in Kraków. He usually works across the stack, including designing and implementing DevOps processes for microservices he and his team owns. Interested in everything that helps do more with less and a huge fan of automating everything. If you talk Kubernetes, Ansible or Gradle Kotlin DSL, we’ll find a common topic, or two.

Michał Różycki

Michał is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and a developer with vast experience in commercial application development. He started as an AS3 developer at Grape Up and from that point many technologies went through his hands. Currently he is focused on Cloud Native and his main specialization is design architecture and cloud-native solution deployment. Apart from that, he also has hands-on experience in both application deployments to various cloud infrastructures and process automation.

Jacek Suchenia

Jacek is a Infrastructure Technical Leader at Ocado Technology in Kraków. As a developer, administrator and reliability engineer he was designing and implementing many important systems to keep running Ocado systems at scale. Focusing on scalable systems for data processing and storage. Guy with a tie!

Tomasz Szymański

I am a DevOps Engineer with 11 years experience. I am a highly skilled technical engineer within network engineering, systems administration and testing. I have a strong technical knowledge and hands-on experience of DevOps, Automation, Build Engineering and Configuration Management. My goal is automating everything to help deliver much faster software as soon as possible.